This is where it all started…I first lifted my camera because of them.¬†At the end of every year, I take time to reflect on my personal work. I sift through the photographs and remind myself of what’s important. My day to day work is where inspiration grows. This was the first year since 2014 that […]

We just returned from eleven days of adventure in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. It was our first time traveling out of the country with all of our children. Several years ago we had good intentions of exploring the world with them, but time went the way it does and we never made those dreams […]

I loved having babies, but I’m truly enjoying the stage of life where adventuring with my children is easier and a more regular thing. We visited the Staircase Loop Trail and their little legs carried them five miles. After an hour drive, we landed at a small, unexpected mountain made of rocks and boulders…a road […]

I make these pictures for them and for me. So what do my children see in the work? I asked if they would sit with me…to make this a collaborative curation and feed my curiosity. We went through the motions and memories together. Four chairs side by side, a year of photographs before us and […]

We already have an abundance….our well is deep, providing endless clean water and our house is sturdy and warm. We have nourishing food and the resources to prepare three meals a day. There are clothes on our backs and shoes on our feet, we’re never in need of transportation. Beauty surrounds us…ferns sprout from every […]

we walk the trail lined with devil’s club and ferns and changing leaves that never end. a magnificent canopy of green shades our path and mushrooms sprout from of every log. this is fall in watershed park. You can follow through the blog circle to see other freelensing adventures from artist’s around the globe. The […]

brisk wind blows and fiery leaves fall. the whoosh of golden locks veil a wide stretched smile but that bliss of life can’t be covered. my splendid little one, you’re a gleaming light on the dimmest day. Olympia WA, Family Photographer    

Last year’s seeds grew into this year’s jungle. Red, orange, yellow, green and indigo hanging from the vines. Once delicate, we watched our footing but now they stretch taller than us…a reminder once again of nature’s magic. I never grow tired of watching this full circle, from seed to vine, to flower, to fruit…back to […]

June, July and August. We took these warm, dry months as an invitation to completely unplug from the distraction of a screen and focus energy on play. Movies and games have never taken center stage in our lives, but a complete separation from them led to more independence and creativity. I couldn’t step away completely […]

Washington holds the perfect combination of water and woods. Magical trails dripping in moss, salty ocean shores right at the evergreen tree line, waterfalls, lakes, mountains and turquoise rivers. This month I freelensed much of our camping trip to Gifford Pinchot National Forest. It encompasses over one million acres of wilderness and we claimed a […]