Staircase Loop Trail | Olympic National Forest WA

I loved having babies, but I’m truly enjoying the stage of life where adventuring with my children is easier and a more regular thing. We visited the Staircase Loop Trail and their little legs carried them five miles.

After an hour drive, we landed at a small, unexpected mountain made of rocks and boulders…a road that had been washed away. Hikers were turning back, not able to cross the newly formed river, but our kids showed bravery and made it to the other side. They trekked an extra two miles on a road that used to be drivable and we finally found the trail.

My daughter overcame her intense fear of heights as she followed the uneven path, carved on the edge of a cliff…and then once again to cross the suspended bridge. My littlest went longer than she ever has without food 🙂 and they all made it full circle.

I can’t think of a more magical place to spend a day.



  1. Mamaw - Mary Ann says:

    Sooooo Beautiful sweet girl. Such a Special day together. Great Memory being made! <3

  2. Sarah Landa says:

    These are stunning Anna!!!

  3. Brenda Hodges says:

    It looks magical…the washed-out road was kind of a blessing so you didn’t have to share the trail with too many! I would love to go there sometime…

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