Into Something Better, September | Olympia, WA Photographer

Last year’s seeds grew into this year’s jungle. Red, orange, yellow, green and indigo hanging from the vines. Once delicate, we watched our footing but now they stretch taller than us…a reminder once again of nature’s magic.

I never grow tired of watching this full circle, from seed to vine, to flower, to fruit…back to seed for the next summer. The earth is a giver and we must be caretakers.

Follow through the circle of artists who are freelensing their version of “something better” and showing gratitude for the outdoors. The link for the next artist is below…

You can visit Maui next and see the gorgeous work of Barb Toyama.


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  2. Barb Toyama says:

    Wow what gorgeous tomatoes, they make my mouth water! Beautiful photos and words Anna.

  3. Léa says:

    wow, these are stunning! really love this post! xo, Léa

  4. Kate Cuenoud says:

    So gorgeous! Like you, I’m always amazed and grateful at everything Mother Nature has to offer and the perfection of her cycles.

  5. Melissa L says:

    Anna, you have such a beautiful way of creating images. Your color always amazes me…the blue of her shirt and the red tomatoes…so perfect together. I am sort of in awe of the way you garden, cook, raise children, and create beautiful art. favorite shot was the tomato in your daughters hand, hair spilling out… really wonderful.

  6. Joan says:

    The kids are adorable and the color and symmetry of the produce is so beautiful. I love your area of Washington.
    My nephew is in Shelton. Another great photographer…Claude Mahmood. Thanks for sharing. I love this blog and all you mommas!

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