2018 was a year of growth, both personally and for my business. We brought one of our children home from public school and I’m re-learning how to balance my business, while also having a little one working alongside me. In the spring, I expanded in a few different directions. I began teaching Food as Art, […]

2017 ¬†brought a lot of changes, both personally and for my business. I’m nearing the end of another 365 project and plan to continue shooting daily through 2018. This was the first year that I took on multiple births and spent much of the summer on call for families who welcomed new life into the […]

Just as I laid my head on my pillow, the call came that Courtney was in labor. I spoke with her a few days earlier and she said, “I think Adalyn is just waiting for her daddy to be home. ” He was deployed and serving in Jordan, set to return on July 19th. But […]

In the earliest hours of the morning while big brother slept, their second child was born. This is the birth story of Sawyer. A story of strength, endurance, and above all else, love. Birth Center: The Birth House | Olympia, WA Midwifery services: Around the Circle Midwifery  

Like blossoms from new growth, we mimic the beauty of spring. Inevitable as the changing seasons, we bloom into who we were made to be. My Images are made purely from heart, each one complete because I feel. I’m confident in my direction that’s¬†changing with life. From nuptials, to new life. The power of women […]

It was a gift of a week. To see it all, and sleep within the same walls. The last few days of anticipation, and the first few of new life. So close and intertwined that I could feel these rare moments all over again, as if they belonged to me. The ones that only happen […]