Why are breastfeeding sessions important? Motherhood breastfeeding sessions are special for so many reasons. The connection between mother and child, that’s built from this intimate time together, translates beautifully in images. These sessions are some of my very favorites to photograph. Time moves faster than they say it does and this chapter will be so cherished. […]

I remember the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” We all hear it over and over again…but I never had an answer and it felt more like unnecessary pressure, rather than the freedom to dream. I knew I wanted to do good and contribute to the “important” but I never […]

2017  brought a lot of changes, both personally and for my business. I’m nearing the end of another 365 project and plan to continue shooting daily through 2018. This was the first year that I took on multiple births and spent much of the summer on call for families who welcomed new life into the […]

The trails of Burfoot Park wind through 50 acres of dense, mossy woods and lead down to the Sound’s shoreline. Almost like a fairyland, they provide a rich backdrop for sessions and it’s one of the most beautiful places to shoot. Here are a few images from a recent Motherhood session, photographed in this paradise… […]

First born son…in good and content hands.

She stands confident knowing her power…ready to bring her baby girl earth-side. Goddess at thirty-nine weeks.

Photographs hold the details. We’ll never again feel, hear or smell what we once did. So with the sweetness on our lips and the music in our ears, squeeze, dance and breathe it in. Mothers, let’s exist in photographs. The Info: Where- Mini sessions are the perfect way to preserve intimate and true to life […]

It takes a village. Let’s all extend our hands to the strong women around us. First time or experienced mothers. Those with multiples and those with one. Listen and encourage. Cook them wholesome meals and hold their baby while they eat. Wash a load of laundry and change a diaper…or a few. This is Ashley’s perspective […]

Long days and short years overflow with feelings of gratitude, frustration, lessons, and love. We kiss our children goodnight and straighten their things, only to have them all come unraveled again. A never ending circle of beautiful chaos. They are still so little. But then soft curls are tucked away in baby books and limbs begin to stretch long. […]

The sweetest of all connections…