A Collaborative Curation | 2017 in Photographs

I make these pictures for them and for me. So what do my children see in the work? I asked if they would sit with me…to make this a collaborative curation and feed my curiosity.

We went through the motions and memories together. Four chairs side by side, a year of photographs before us and their little voices speaking yeses and nos.

I learned that they love the comfort of home and small adventures that make them feel big. They like to say, “oh, look at me” and “remember that?” Joyfully reliving all that could be called mundane.

So while I dream of travel and the great big world, I won’t forget to see the magic that’s here.

Thank you to everyone who encourages me as I continue to grow as an artist. Daily shooting has been the key to growth and I look forward to another 365 project in 2018. The biggest thank you to my ever supportive family.

Here is the very narrowed down collection of images that were chosen by my children. Feel free to watch the video with fewer images or scroll through the blog post to see them all!




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