Do you ever look at old photographs and feel grateful for the snapshots that are true? The ones where you don’t remember the details but the picture takes you back to a feeling. When I think about making family work, it’s always the real life stuff that I want to give others. Like images of […]

Today I’m bringing you this very simple and delicious winter soup with Muir Glen. During the colder months, when tomatoes are no longer ripe on the vines in our own backyard, I love to use Muir Glen to maintain that sweet summer taste.  Their organic tomato products are grown in the Sacramento Valley of California […]

Why an in home storytelling session? I love in home sessions for so many reasons! Home is where families are most relaxed and it provides the perfect intimate and safe setting for newborns and little ones. In home photography is so simple because you don’t have to pack anything or load your little ones into […]

Today I’m bringing you this very simple and delicious one skillet vegan quinoa recipe with Muir Glen…plus a few helpful tips on photographing food using just natural light. Our family loves to grow our own tomatoes but during the colder months, I know I can use Muir Glen and still maintain that sweet summer taste. […]

This is where it all started…I first lifted my camera because of them. At the end of every year, I take time to reflect on my personal work. I sift through the photographs and remind myself of what’s important. My day to day work is where inspiration grows. This was the first year since 2014 that […]

2018 was a year of growth, both personally and for my business. We brought one of our children home from public school and I’m re-learning how to balance my business, while also having a little one working alongside me. In the spring, I expanded in a few different directions. I began teaching Food as Art, […]

We just returned from eleven days of adventure in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. It was our first time traveling out of the country with all of our children. Several years ago we had good intentions of exploring the world with them, but time went the way it does and we never made those dreams […]

Some of the best keepsakes in life are the photographs that capture your family in their true form. When they’re at home playing, laughing and just being themselves. Choosing a photographer to capture these moments for you, means that you are able to be in the photos as well.  Although the idea of inviting someone […]

Why are breastfeeding images important? Motherhood sessions are special for so many reasons. The connection between mother and child that’s built from this intimate time together translates beautifully in photographs. These sessions are some of my very favorites. Time moves faster than they say and this chapter will be forever cherished. Having images of the details […]

I loved having babies, but I’m truly enjoying the stage of life where adventuring with my children is easier and a more regular thing. We visited the Staircase Loop Trail and their little legs carried them five miles. After an hour drive, we landed at a small, unexpected mountain made of rocks and boulders…a road […]