The Birth of Adalyn | Olympia, WA Birth Photographer

Just as I laid my head on my pillow, the call came that Courtney was in labor. I spoke with her a few days earlier and she said, “I think Adalyn is just waiting for her daddy to be home. ” He was deployed and serving in Jordan, set to return on July 19th. But she couldn’t wait and labor began as he started traveling home.

A couple of hours after the call, I arrived at the hospital and she was progressing very quickly, especially for a first time mom. Determined to labor naturally, she breathed and roared through the contractions with her friend by her side. Her goal was to give birth without any interventions and that’s just what she did. This was the second time I would witness a completely natural hospital birth in a two week span of time. It’s so refreshing to see doctors honor a mother’s birth plan and let her bring her baby into the world just as she wishes.

Adalyn arrived on July 18th at 3:22 am. A perfectly healthy girl with the best dimples I’ve ever seen. And after a long trip home, her daddy met her at one day new. This is her birth story…

  1. Courtney Calvert says:

    It was a blessing to have you in the room with me as I delivered my daughter! You are truly amazing, I will cherish these images always! <3

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