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Why are breastfeeding images important?¬†Motherhood sessions are special for so many reasons. The connection between mother and child that’s built from this intimate time together translates beautifully in photographs. These sessions are some of my very favorites.

Time moves faster than they say and this chapter will be forever cherished. Having images of the details is a gift when we want to revisit. There’s nothing quite like this bond and no matter how happy or insecure you are about your postpartum body, it deserves to be celebrated. This is a great opportunity to thank yourself for what you’ve created.

Planning for your breastfeeding session:

Breastfeeding sessions can take place outdoors, or in the comfort of your own home. You determine the location based on comfort and the age of your baby. In home sessions are recommended for newborns.

We always talk before your session so I can answer any questions and get to know you a little better. For in home sessions, I’ll give you some guidance around choosing an ideal location based on light. The session can take place in a chair, your bed, the floor…anything can work as long as you’re comfortable.

What about bottle feeding?

Bottle feeding is just as much a time of bonding as breastfeeding is. I’m an adoptive mother and I remember how much that bottle feeding time between my daughter and me was cherished. Fed is best and all forms should be celebrated.

When is the best time to schedule the session?

Because we’re focused on capturing the magic of breastfeeding, your session should take place at a time when your baby normally nurses. It’s ideal if your baby isn’t extremely hungry because then they get upset. You also don’t want them to be full right before the session.

It’s helpful to consider your plans for the week of the shoot. If schedules will be thrown off, it could disrupt typical feeding times. I always have some flexibility during our time together, as it’s not possible to know what your baby’s needs may be on that particular day. If he or she is upset, it’s best to stay calm and take our time.

What should I wear for my photo session?

Comfort is the most important thing to consider when planning any session. It’s a good idea to keep colors neutral and stay away from busy patterns and logos, as those can be distracting. You’ll also want to avoid neon colors as they cast that color back onto your skin.

If we’re shooting outside, consider the environment. Colors that blend into the surrounding aren’t ideal. Try to avoid green if your session is taking place at a park with trees and grasses.

How should I prepare my home?

We’ll be working with natural light so be sure to open curtains and blinds. Overhead and artificial lights should be turned off.

Do you want a clean space or photographs that tell the complete story of how your home is with a little one?

You can tidy up or leave things as they are.

Is anything other than breastfeeding photographed?

There are so many beautiful moments before and after nursing your baby. I always photograph the in-between as well.

Are older siblings included in the session?

If older siblings are around, it’s best to let them play and do their thing. It’s nice to have images that represent the way life truly looks. If they jump in and want to be part of it, we can include them as well.

If you’re expecting, or currently breastfeeding, I’m always booking these Motherhood Sessions. You can contact me through my website to secure your session date. I always look forward to these very special sessions.

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