We already have an abundance….our well is deep, providing endless clean water and our house is sturdy and warm. We have nourishing food and the resources to prepare three meals a day. There are clothes on our backs and shoes on our feet, we’re never in need of transportation. Beauty surrounds us…ferns sprout from every […]

we walk the trail lined with devil’s club and ferns and changing leaves that never end. a magnificent canopy of green shades our path and mushrooms sprout from of every log. this is fall in watershed park. You can follow through the blog circle to see other freelensing adventures from artist’s around the globe. The […]

brisk wind blows and fiery leaves fall. the whoosh of golden locks veil a wide stretched smile but that bliss of life can’t be covered. my splendid little one, you’re a gleaming light on the dimmest day. Olympia WA, Family Photographer    

Courtney and Nicholas met in seventh grade and from that moment on, he unceasingly pursued her. One day he left his basketball with her…that clever idea where you create a reason to see your crush again. Soon after, she fell for him too. Toward the middle of her pregnancy he was deployed and they said […]

June, July and August. We took these warm, dry months as an invitation to completely unplug from the distraction of a screen and focus energy on play. Movies and games have never taken center stage in our lives, but a complete separation from them led to more independence and creativity. I couldn’t step away completely […]

Washington holds the perfect combination of water and woods. Magical trails dripping in moss, salty ocean shores right at the evergreen tree line, waterfalls, lakes, mountains and turquoise rivers. This month I freelensed much of our camping trip to Gifford Pinchot National Forest. It encompasses over one million acres of wilderness and we claimed a […]

On a typical day, the two little ones run around the outskirts of the Bwindi impenetrable forest, while their mama does her life’s work as a midwife. Uganda is their home…but this last week they explored Olympia, WA and I had the privilege to translate their love through images. Pioneer park Olympia, WA

Curiosity keeps us searching for places where colors shine and textures mimic. Contentment is found in the open air. To see more freelensing stories from around the globe, follow the link at the bottom of this post. You’ll be taken through a blog circle of artists dedicated to raising children who respect and enjoy what […]

June. The rise of long days spent in the great outdoors. It holds warmth and berry picking and small fruit blossoms. This is the month where screen time ends completely and our connection to the tangible is uninterrupted. We indulge in the sweetness of summer…our home is the perfect climate for berries. Every year we […]

It’s the first month of the year where we slide our windows open and thank the evening breeze. A full bloom greets us. We turn the soil, making space for new roots and the Robins follow behind collecting their feast. Some personal work from May… Olympia Photography, Burfoot Park, Watershed Park, Olympia WA