Giving them a childhood full of cloudiness and sunlight…not indoors, the screen bright. Here’s to leading the littles into something better. Sleeping In The Forest by Mary Oliver I thought the earth remembered me, she took me back so tenderly, arranging her dark skirts, her pockets full of lichens and seeds. I slept as never before, a stone […]

The month of April was bursting at the seams. Family visited, we celebrated our daughter’s Gotcha Day (the day we received her seven years ago), I photographed lots of commissioned work and began a project that I can’t wait to announce this summer…I’m hoping it serves others well. Life is full and so rewarding. I’m […]

Long awaited, a mother’s been born. Arms stretched and hands open…hearts made whole. Nights are not what they used to be, now sleepless as they wake to nourish. But each one’s made stronger through this rhythm of love and every tired bone is earned from raising two. The story of adoption is written from selfless acts…through […]

The pounding, relentless rain has kept us in winter’s trance. Greenhouse walls were raised and seedlings were buried, all to the sound of gusty winds. The rhythm of March.  

Cotton candy skies and bare boned trees. Pieces February…      

It takes a village. Let’s all extend our hands to the strong women around us. First time or experienced mothers. Those with multiples and those with one. Listen and encourage. Cook them wholesome meals and hold their baby while they eat. Wash a load of laundry and change a diaper…or a few. This is Ashley’s perspective […]

Eyes wide open, as if I slept the last year away. The same house and the same light but everything feels new again. January, the start of another 365 and a promise to be more selfish with the making. To create for us and let go of expectations, so I might think less and feel more. I […]

When the weight of the world feels too heavy, claiming just a pinprick of shoreline and breathing that clean mountain air can lighten it all. Our national parks are unmatched treasures that give freely. Let’s never forget the sacredness of the land, worth more than any amount of gold. And may we all have the heart […]

What if you bowed before every dandelion you met and wrote love letters to squirrels and pigeons who crossed your path? What if scrubbing the dishes became an act of single reverence for the gift of being washed clean, and what if the rhythmic percussion of chopping carrots became the drumbeat of your dance? What if you […]

When I think back on childhood, I’m taken to long trips and short getaways with family and friends. I have snapshots stored in boxes…treasures worth keeping. They’re made of life and the details from our story. I photographed a small piece of this family’s vacation. It was a slow morning in a cozy house, tucked in the quaint neighborhood of downtown of […]