Preparing for Your Newborn Session at Home

When your baby’s brand new, the best place for you and your family is usually at home. These sessions allow you to stay where you’re most comfortable. Instead of packing up and heading to a studio, I come to you. I want you to feel relaxed, comfortable and for the images to be a reflection of your home life.

How should you prepare for your session at home?

  1. I never want you to worry about cleaning or perfection. Remember, these photos represent your life as it is with a newborn. You can quickly tidy up by moving things into a room we won’t use, or stick stuff in a closet. I can also work around whatever you have out. No need to clean!

2. Let the natural light in! Opening curtains and blinds allows me to quickly see what areas are most ideal for your session. I also suggest turning off all artificial lights.

3. Wear what makes you feel comfortable. I suggest staying away from neon colors, as those can cast onto the skin.

4. Do you have an item that’s extra special? Maybe it’s an heirloom blanket or an outfit that you wore as a baby. Make sure it’s clean and ready if you’d like to incorporate it into the images.

5. Are there any specific moments you’d like photographed? Baby’s first bath? Nursing? Think about what’s important to you so we can plan our time together. If you’d rather just lay in bed admiring your baby, that works too! This is your session and I want to make images that will be extremely meaningful to your family.

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